lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

‘tis not all as it seems - 4 January 2011

Una vez más, uno de mis trabajos llegó a la portada de RedBubble....
Es éste.
Y esto es lo que me escribieron:
"Congratulations your work is on the RedBubble homepage today. One of our homepage curators picked your image because they thought it was brilliant. Less than 3 in a thousand works make it onto the homepage, so congratulations!
Happy bubbling
Martin (co-founder)"

sábado, 11 de septiembre de 2010

Vintage Art Storybook

“Vintage Art Storybook” me honró como artista del mes. Click acá para acceder a la página.
Featured Artist September 11th 2010

"Good for her and lucky for us that she found this outlet for her creativity – and found the way to Redbubble – and to this group. I feel very privileged to have such talent and being able to showcase her fabulous work. Please visit her page – there is so much more to see."